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Harald and Inge "cow surfed" two nights on our farm, as our first couch surfers ever. And what a nice couple to host as the first ones! We had a lot of interesting chats and the drawings Inge made were beautiful! She is talented! And their car is a piece of art too, make sure you get the "full tour" of it!

My conclusion: You should not let these two pass your place without hosting them! ;)

Elin Sikkeland, Stiklestad, Norway



Harald and Inge were such fun and interesting folks to have in our space. They were very interested in everything going on around them. They were up for whatever and wanted to see the beautiful details Savannah had to offer. We found ourselves mingling with French folks in a backyard over crepes and creating strange characters with my friends over tasty tacos at Sol. They were a pleasure to have and I'd host them again any time. Inge's art was lovely and Harald's conversation never dull. Happy travels you two!!"

Rosie Taylor, Savannah, GA, USA



Harald and Inge stayed with us for a night. They brought bright laughter, Netherland-cookies and a nice drawing in the house. Funny people with a cool art project!

Anna Mathys, Ernen, Switzerland