About our philosophy


The reason for us to start this project is of course very simple: we both love to travel! Visiting new cities, experiencing the beauty of nature and enjoying daily life away from home. But most of all, we love meeting people and getting introduced to their way of life.


You could do that by booking a holiday or by helping out as a volunteer, but we do it in our own way: by painting. Spending a few days with formerly unknown hosts and presenting them, in return, with a special and personal gift, changes the way we travel and how we see the world. Brief encounters that mark any average holiday turn into lasting memories, both for us and for those inviting us.


Another aim we have, is to inspire our hosts, hence the motto: “Paint the Planet: Color your world!” How would you add color to the world and make it a more beautiful place to live? With a paintbrush? By helping someone? Or like us, by aiming to fulfil your own dreams?


To travel is to encounter. We hope to you meet you soon.