About our project


Brilliant plans often start with very simple ideas. Paint the Planet was born on a Saturday, the 26th of June 2010, in a hostel in Scotland. There, we saw a sign saying: 'Clean here and stay for free.' The free part sounded attractive, the cleaning part not so much. So Inge started thinking: 'If I am doing something in return for a free stay, then can't I come up with something that is both more fun and inspiring and also more lasting than a clean toilet?' This was her Eureka: Inge was going to draw and paint! And people would be so pleased with it, that they would let us stay for free! Well, that was what we hoped, of course.


We starting building a website, divided tasks, did a photoshoot with bottles of paint around the Camperette (our do-it-yourself-campervan, which is part of our logo) and searched for the first possible hosts: Dutch with a B&B in Bavaria.

We we're sowewhat shocked to find out that it was an instant succes! So, at the end of september that same year, we took off with our first artworks and into our first great adventure. More about this trip in the 'Travels'-section of this website.