About the practicalities



Ours is a barterproject. If you wish to join, this is how it works:


  • Invite us to come over.
  • Let us know what you would like to receive and what you have to offer in return. For example: I would like a portrait of my mother and in exchange you can spend a weekend at my house. Other invitation are also welcome (for instance: visiting attractions, a boattrip, a stay in a holidayhome, a dinner - use your imagination, we like that!)
  • We agree on the barterdeal and get to work. We prefer making the artwork in advance, in our workshop at home (based on your photo's) and then bring it along when we visit. Of course we keep you posted on the progress.
  • Once the artwork is finished and we come to deliver it, we would like to take a snapshot of you and the artwork, to add to this website. We can also include a link to your own website, if you like.

We do not have set rates, but we try to keep it a fair trade. A painting we worked on all week naturally doesn't match with one drink in the local pub.


Material costs are usually included, unless you have special requests (think about canvases that we ourselves also have to buy).